Fail! Cannot install KB2686509!

Windows XP kb2685609 Eye Catch

Windows update KB2686509 gives error code 0xf0f4 or 0x8007F0F4 and cannot install.

If you look into the Microsoft bulletin, there’re many people discussing this matter. Security Update KB2686509 will not install- error code 0xf0f4, KB2686509 repeatedly fails with Error code 0x8007F0F4.

I’m not going to write the entire thing here but will point out only the solution. (Before going on further, I must state that everything you do to your system is at your own risk!)

  • A German named Christian has made this wonderful vb script
    • Go to and click on ” download“to download the zipped script file.
    • Start the script in the command line by “cscript c:\HotFix4KB2686509.vbs”
    • if you double click on the HotFix4KB2686509.vbs vb script its going to give you an error so use “cscript c:\HotFix4KB2686509.vbs”
      • Or if you don’t know how to, just download this CMD script. Its 7ziped. After you unarchive it, place it in the same folder as the HotFix4KB2686509.vbs vb script abd double click on the “HotFix4KB2686509_ENU.CMD”. The inside of the CMD script is as follows.
        @ECHO OFF
        cscript HotFix4KB2686509.vbs
        ECHO Press any key to close this command prompt.

        As you can see, it just uses the csript and executes the VB script in the same directory/folder. There also is another HotFix4KB2686509.CMD script, but that’s in Japanese so I doubt that the English reader won’t use it. Its just the same thing with the prompt in Japanese.

People who are affected by this.

  • Windows XP OS is reconfigured by using nlite. (Could be that the keyboard mapping was changed from nlite.)
  • You manually remapped the keyboard keys.
  • You have upgraded to Windows XP from Windows 98/Me
  • You don;t have “faultykeyboard.log” inside C:\windows\.
  • You have the “faultykeyboard.log” but your system doesn’t have the required DLLs listed inside that log file.
  • The brand manufacturer has altered the OS diskette, so it could be one reason.
    • Looking in the MS BBS, some models of Dell systems are causing this problem.

For other info, surf the web or look at the above links. Don’t forget to thank Christian who made the script!