Errors from Windows 8 Consumer Preview(CP)(VT-x/AMD-V, 0xc00000260)

Errors from Windows 8 Consumer Preview(VT-x/AMD-V, 0xc00000260)

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When installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview within VirtualBox, you cannot got on further from the goldfish screen. Or, you cannot go on further from the new BSOD screen.

This error occurs when your host OS’s system doesn’t have the VT-x/AMD-V acceleration.

[showpic src=”win8cp/Windows 8 Consumer Preview Virtualbox Error“]The error dialog that the VirtualBox spits out when the guest operating system requires the VT-x/AMD-V acceleration but the host OS does not have it.

Also, when you ignore the VirtualBox error dialog about the virtualization needs, you’ll get the goldfish screen and stop or get the new BSOD screen. This goldfish screen is the Windows 8 Consumer Preview edition’s startup logo.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview VirtualboxStart-up logo that gets displayed when the Windows 8 Consumer Preview starts. But why goldfish/fish?

Windows 8 Consumer Preview VirtualboxBlue screen with White text, a.k.a BSOD. The error text is written below.

Windows Recovery Environment

Your PC needs to be repaired

An unexpected error has occurred.

Error code: 0xc00000260

you’ll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don’t have any installation media (like a disk or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

Press Enter to try again

Press F8 for alternate boot options.

How to workaround this error.

To get the system to workaround this error, you’ll need to enable this in the BIOS. But you’ll need a virtualization capable system.

  • Use a system with VT-x/AMD-V (Virtualization) technology capable system.
  • If you know that your system has this virtualization accerlation technology but get this error, you will need to enable this in the BIOS.
  • Enable below in the BIOS. It depends on the system vendor for what each vendor calls the virtualization technology, but it will generally say virtualization something.
    • Intel(R) Virtualization Technology: Enabled
    • Intel(R) VT-d Feature: Enabled
    • VT-d: Enabled
    • Intel(R) VT for Directed I/O: Enabled
  • Look into the Intel website for further details (English):

If you have done above and you still get an error with a 64 bit system with HP BIOS (the above examples uses 32bit system for host and guest), it might be due to a bug in the BIOS.

Virtualbox vb-vtxamdv-error-01

Try looking into the following thread, x64 Guest will not run on Windows 7 x64 = HP BIOS bug from VirtualBox.

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